Ends on December 4, 2018

All books submitted to our other categories are automatically included in our Bulletin listings, considered for short reviews, and added to our website for sale provided we are able to source copies for our members.

This category is for any books which you have not already entered for a category, but would like us to include in the bulletin listings or consider reviewing in our Book reviews section. Provided we have enough information, these will also be put on our website for members to order. These must still be published between April to June 2019, and available for us to source copies for members at trade discount. 

There is no need to include a text file for bulletin listings only titles. However, if you would like us to consider reviewing it in the Bulletin, please do include a copy for us to read.


We look forward to helping to promote your books through our bulletin listings and reviews section.


Further enquiries to the Poetry Book Society, Churchill House, 12 Mosley Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 1DE. Tel: 0191 230 8100  Email: pbs@inpressbooks.co.uk