Ends on December 4, 2018

We are now accepting manuscript submissions for pamphlets published in October, November, December 2018 for our Spring Pamphlet Choice. Submissions are open from 1st November to 4th December.


  • Submissions are invited for the PBS Pamphlet Choice category, made every quarter.
  • The publication date of all submissions must fall within the Spring PBS Pamphlet quarter: October - December 2018 publciation.
  • Titles may be submitted in manuscript, pageproof, typescript, pdf or fully finished form alongside this online form submission. 
  • Selections are made by a panel of two poets, Degna Stone and Andrew Jackson.
  • The best pamphlet publication every quarter is awarded the PBS 'Pamphlet Choice’. 



  • As long as they fulfil our submission and supply criteria, poetry publications eligible for this scheme include (but are not limited to) pamphlets, chapbooks, small press publications, community publications, illustrated works, art books, non-traditional book formats.  
  • Single poems, single author collections, joint author publications, and anthologies are all eligible. 
  • This is the only PBS category to which self-published work can be submitted.
  • There is no lower page limit
  • Publications with more than 47 pages of poetry are not eligible.
  • There are no upper or lower limits on publication price.
  • Regularly published magazines or journals are not eligible.
  • Poems or translations must be new work, and not have been published before.
  • Posthumous work is eligible only if published within 6 months of the poet’s death.
  • Submitted work must be first published in the United  Kingdom or Republic  of Ireland. 
  • This includes simultaneous publication (within 8 months) in other countries.



  • If production schedules allow, the publisher agrees to print the words Poetry Book Society Pamphlet Choice on the cover of all editions.
  • The Pamphlet Choice is featured in the relevant Bulletin with a commentary from the Selectors. 
  • We buy copies of all pamphlets at the standard booksellers’ discount of 35%, (Sale or return) and sell them at full price to our members and customers via the Bulletin and the PBS website.
  • Volume of sales depends on our customers’ level of interest: we can't guarantee a set number.
  •  In submitting manuscripts for consideration by the PBS Selectors, publishers agree to be bound by the above guidelines.

We look forward to promoting your pamphlets in the future.


All enquiries to Poetry Book Society, Churchill House, 12 Mosley Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 1DE Tel: 0191 230 8100 Email: pbs@inpressbooks.co.uk